Good Enough!

Years ago, my landlord had a plumber come in to fix our toilet, a guy who went to the church where my landlord’s wife was a pastor. The dude removed the old leaky tank and installed a new one; in the process, some of the unpainted wall behind the old tank was exposed, with wallpaper hanging off the wall. This was a pity: Our landlord, a colleague and friend of ours, had done a nice job painting the bathroom just before we moved in. As the plumber left, grabbing the old tank, he looked at the messed-up wall, looked at me, nodded, and in a gruff voice said “Good enough!”

We all have a growth mindset now, right? There’s evidence that it’s good for us (or at least better than some, fixed, alternatives), and as long as our minds grow and not, say, our noses and earlobes, fine, good by me. Mostly. Because on occasion I really need the plumber’s “Good enough!” mindset. Or the “Fuck it, this is done!” mindset. Or the “Ice cream is a complete meal!” and the “Napping is work, too!” mindsets.

Growth is good. But not always good enough.

I completely dropped off the #100DaysToOffload track, so I’ll start counting again: This is the first post of my second #100DaysToOffload attempt. Wish me luck!

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