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For the last couple of years, one of my favorite radio shows has been one that’s called Crap From the Past. It’s a one of those things that make me love America: amateur radio shows on public radio that are not very scripted and can be either very terrible or very glorious. CFTP is often very glorious in a cheerful mayhem kind of way that I can identify with. But it can also be very terrible. My spouse finds the show infuriatingly annoying… The show has been on the air on various stations since the early 1990s, hosted first by a physics grad student and then by a physics PhD (same guy), and all shows are available on the internets at Archive dot org.

This episode should be the soundtrack for this semester.

German texts for Oratorio

Here are some German texts that we’ll sing with the Oratorio society in March. Maybe this’ll help my fellow choristers practice German pronunciation. We’ll sing:

Bach, Cantata no. 4, Christ lag in Todes Banden: Spoken text

Clara Schumann:

Abendfeier in Venedig: Spoken text

Vorwärts: Spoken text

Gondoliera: Spoken text