A blog? Or bessays?

I haven’t posted anything here for a while, for lack of time, and since the cumulative effects of pandemic work have finally caught up with me:


[Description: gif of a baby falling asleep on a sofa]

This makes me wonder, though: Blogposts have become really long and work intensive. This format was supposed to be a log, and now it has become an essay. How did we get here? I know: Twitter (and other social media) took over the log part. Twitter is short and shortish, but it’s still different from the goold blog: there’s a pressure to be pointed, funny, angry, and definitely not as umh expansive as even a short blog post. And I don’t want expansive when I browse Twitter. Twitter threads beyond a few chained posts get on my nerves: that’s not what I was coming for.

So I hope to write a few more true logs here. Just brief ideas, maybe a reference to a piece I’ve read, rough, unpolished, maybe a smart idea or, more likely, a stupid comment that I’ll come to regret. As time permits and ideas roll in, there may also come again a few weBESSAYS. You’re welcome

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