A Domain of My Own

I’ve finally made the plunge into creating an independent web presence, away from the Google or employer eco systems, combining my blog (so far on blogger) with a personal portfolio. Basically making Domain of One’s Own into Domain of My Own (DOMO, like it!). I am using Reclaim Hosting as host and WordPress as a platform. Reclaim Hosting grew out of Mary Washington’s Domain of One’s Own project and is focused on academic web presences and blogging; all the cool kids seem to be using it; it’s inexpensive. I am using WordPress’s 2019 theme, primarily because it’s accessible and flexible, and I am getting tired of the typical top-bar/side-bar themes. I’m still tinkering with it, though, and who knows whether it won’t look like a typical top-bar/side-bar theme in the end.

I’ll be revising and re-upping a couple of my older blog posts and adding new content. And work on my e-portfolio. I had planned this for the summer, but as usual, more important things raised their shiny new heads, and here we are!

Update, December 14, 2019:

After plenty of tinkering, I’ve abandoned the Twenty Nineteen theme for the older Twenty Fifteen. It’s accessibility ready as well, and I find the layout—text sizes, fonts, images, and all—to be much more directly to my liking, without many adjustments. I particularly like that images do not dominate the screen as much as in Twenty Nineteen, at least out of the box. And for now I don’t have enough time to build a new box.

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